Development Capability

Accushape™ is a member of the International Titanium Association.

The Accushape plant is located in Albany, Oregon, considered to be the birth place of the titanium industry in the United States.

Accushape Development Capability

Primary activities at this time are devoted to

            1-Custom screening of titanium sponge fines.

            2-Process developments to modify the morphology, size and density of the existing input material.

            3-Development of pressed and sintered (PS) parts applications in anticipation of the availability of a larger quantities of input material of the size and quality needed to sustain commercial parts production.

            4-A new titanium based alloy system is under development.  The TiCarbonite™ alloy system uses elemental titanium powder, special master alloy compositions with press and sinter manufacturing methods. TiCarbonite™ is basically as hard as ceramic, has more ductility than ceramic, lighter than titanium, with toughness and fracture resistance. The initial effort was directed to armor applications but other hard surface and abrasive resistance applications are likely. Several patent applications have been filed. Ballistics tests have demonstrated promising results.

Equipment currently in operation include

            1-Powder screening and sizing equipment

            2-Hydraulic presses of 100, 250 and 300 tons.

            3-Vacumm sintering furnace with temperature capability above 3500F and hot zone of 6” x 9” x 6”.

            4-Low temperature vacuum oven, 1200F with a hot zone of 24” x 24” x 24”

            5-Lathe, mill, CNC micro mill, drill press and assorted grinding and finishing equipment.

            6-Inert gas weld chamber.

            7-Various sizes of round and square shaped dies to make sample parts.

A larger high temperature vacuum furnace with a hot zone of 12”x12”x18” is on site and can be readily installed as needed.